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  September 2018  
Prayer Pal
Worship & Evanglism: Nina Akin


Share the Power of Prayer


Become a Prayer Pal


Organized by our WEteam, we invite you to join others in prayer.  

This year we offered two varieties of Prayer Pals.  

The first way is the traditional secret prayer pals where a person secretly prays during the school year months for another person while another person not known to them is praying for them.   Sometimes gifts are shared by bringing them to the church where the secretary will call the person receiving the gift to tell them they have a gift waiting.   It need not be an expensive gift...often it is just a "thinking of you" token.   Cards are appreciated and remind the person that they are being lifted up to God in prayer.

The second type is face-to-face.   Each person knows who their prayer pal is.   It offers each person to ask their pal if there are special requests that need to be brought to God.  A real kindred spirit will hopefully develop to those united in prayer.

We have done a registration for the 2014-15 year but if you would like to join, call Nina at church 1-5 PM Monday-Friday. 


Help make a difference in the life of another....Share a Prayer!