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Now that Easter is over there is one question we all must answer. So what?

So what if Jesus died? So what if Jesus rose from the grave?

I’ll tell you “so what.” You are the so what.

So, what difference does the cross make for you?

So, what does the resurrection make in your life?

So, what?


How will you answer that question?

How does Easter make any difference at all… or does it?

Maybe your answer is “So LOVE,” or “So FORGIVENESS,” or “So JOY,” or “So ETERNAL LIFE.” What is your answer to the question, “So what?”


I have been thinking about it and my answer is “So HOPE.” For God so loved the world so I can HOPE that I am part of that loved world. When humanity did its worst, I can have HOPE because God still did God’s best and raised Jesus from death. When all looked lost and they rolled the stone in front of the tomb Friday evening I can have HOPE because in Easter God broke the power of sin, conquered death, and offered salvation to all people, (Dare I say God also gave us a great excuse to eat chocolate bunnies? No, I won’t say that!) Because of what God did on Easter morning on the most difficult days I can live with HOPE. Because of what God did on Easter morning the darkest moments still have a glimmer of HOPE. Because of what God did on Easter morning there is nothing anyone can do to take away my HOPE.


So what? So HOPE! What is your answer?



“Building Blocks of Christian Family.”

Is it real? That’s the question most people have about our faith.

Is it real?

When we live as though our faith and life separate things it is hard to tell if it is real.

“What happens in church should not stay in church.” Right?


Let’s take our faith from the sanctuary to the parking lot and all the way home with us. The first place we learn faith is the family. The first place we practice faith is the family. And in the end when we are making the journey from this life to the next, not much matters but our faith and our families.


For the next two months we will explore the “Building Blocks of Christian Family.” Families come in all shapes and sizes singles and couples, young and old, with and without children, large and small, married and not married, same sex and opposite sex, blended, adoptive, step, and foster. The one thing they have in common is none of them is perfect. Now that is real!

Real families have real struggles. Our faith can help. There are some fundamental building blocks that make families stronger, happier, and more loving. We will explore those blocks in very real terms that will make a difference in your family.


There will be a few special events associated with the “Building Blocks of Christian Family” series. It will of course span confirmation Sunday, senior recognition day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. But also look for

  • May 19 Older Adult Sunday
  • June 2 family worship and family day at Swan Lake Park
  • June 9 a Sunday of service (Children will become what WE do)
  • WEDNESDAY June 19 a couple’s night to learn about love languages.
  • June 23 an opportunity to renew wedding vows.

We are working hard on this trying to help you make faith real in your family. Don’t miss out on any of it!!!





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