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   March 2019   

Welcome to the First UMC of Carroll!  We are proud to sponsor Scout Troops and are glad that you are here!


Boy Scout & Girl Scout programs are a mission of the United Methodist Church and therefore will not be charged for the use of the church.  However, the church morning Secretary is responsible for sending and receiving a contract from each branch of the group using the church.  This signed contract is expected to be turned in prior to first event.  Be sure to include a contact name, address, and phone number of responsible leader(s) for each troop (see Safe Sanctuary).



 Building Use for Scouts


Over the past few years the activities in this church have increased a great deal.  So in order to serve you best we are asking a few things:


1.  Please contact Verona Fuller (Mon-Fri) at 792-1122 between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. to schedule meetings or events.  If you could make up a calendar for us to follow it would be appreciated.  Then we can confirm dates/times. 


2.  Please provide leadership name(s) and contact information of each leader including contact numbers in case something unexpected comes up.  Also need average group # and set-up needs (tables, chairs, equipment needs) or if a large group the need to have meeting(s) in Fellowship Hall.  



3. Supervision of children if mandatory.  Children will not be left alone in any church space.  Minimum of 2 adults for every 8 children is encouraged. (See Safe Sanctuary Policies)



4.  Lastly, we appreciate sharing our Church, however due to multiple group needs, please leave the space the way you find it.


Troops are scheduled on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.





In the United Methodist church, Scout Sunday is celebrated yearly on the second Sunday in February.  This Sunday is typically a time for recognition of youth of ALL organizations, such as Camp Fire Boys and Girls, 4-H, Indian Guides and Princess, in addition to Boy and Girl Scouts

This is an appropriate time to present God and Country Awards for various ages, grades 1 through 12. For information, contact P.R.A.Y. at (800) 933-7729 or

Youth director, scout leader or another adult may want to nominate young people who are not scouts for Good Samaritan Awards. The church may honor adults who lead scouting programs with either the Cross and Flame or the Torch Award.

If your Scout troop is interested in participating in worship, please contact the church office 792-1122 or e-mail