United Methodism at a Crossroads

We know that many of you have questions about what is happening with the Denomination. We will try to answer these questions and give you information on all the options available. If you have any questions please email the church office at carrollumc@msn.com or Pastor Terry at pastor.carrollumc@gmail.com or submit questions in writing.

Look for updates as new questions come in.


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Monday, March 16th from 12:30-5:15 pm Life Serve will be here to take blood donations. To sign up to donate call 1-800-287-4903 or go to https://www.lifeservebloodcenter.org


Come and join us for a meal and worship. The youth will serve a meal at 6 pm to help raise money for their mission trip. Following the meal at 7pm we have an Ash Wednesday Service.







Lenten Bible Study

There will be two lenten studies held here at the church. One will be lead by Pastor and will be from 9-9:45 am on Sundays, March 1st through April 5th. 

The second will be from 3:30-4:30 pm on Sundays, March 1st through April 5th.

Everyone is invited to join in these studies.







Restoring the Jesus Window for its 120th Birthday


We will be having the Jesus Window restored and repaired. The window will be removed in late March or early April and returned 4 to 6 weeks later. While the window is gone the storm window will keep out the weather and the interior will be covered with white paper. We have accepted a contract with O’Brien Stained Glass Co. out of Rollingstone, Minnesota.

They will remove the 3 panels of the window and transport them to their studio for restoration. The window will be completely disassembled and all broken glass will be repaired or replaced. Then the panels will be washed and mismatched glass will be replaced. The panels will be rebuilt with restoration lead and braced using box bracing method for stability. When window is reinstalled all glass panels will have open cell backer rod and silicone for expansion and ventilation. The cost to do the work is $19,500.

This window has a long history with our church. “The Door of the Fold” painting by Sybil C. Parker was the inspiration for this window. The window was designed in 1901. It was originally designed for our 2nd church building at 7th and Main. The window was a gift from the Epworth League and Junior Epworth League (the forerunner to UMYF). A complete history of the window is available at the church.

We are accepting donations to help with the cost of the restoration. If you would like to make a donation, mark your check or giving envelope ‘Stained Glass’. You may also stop by the church office to drop off a gift.

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